May 8, 2007

Blogging from Bed

I come to you today from the comfort of my bed. As seems to happen all to often these days, I am down in my back again. No doctor necessary. Been there done that. Prescription anti-inflammatory and pain meds along with my trusty heating pad will do the trick. I really do not know what I did to hurt it this time. Past culprits have been: bending over to pick up a pen, coughing and walking. It really doesn't take much. The good news is as long as I don't move it doesn't hurt! So my bed is the best place for me right now. A day or two of taking it easy should be enough to let it heal (I hope). Of course before I go to sleep for the night, hubby will rub some "Icy Hot" on it. Boy, I love that stuff. An added being immobile gave hubby and the boys the opportunity to spend the evening together. I hear they ate at their favorite restaurant, Joe's Crab Shack, and may have done a little Mother's Day shopping. Speaking of Mom's day...we're heading out of town this weekend to go to Darrin's parents in North Carolina. The annual May Fest is going on in their small town and I hope to be able to walk around and enjoy it. Well, I'm signing off now. My two munchkins brought me some circus peanuts from their trip out with dad. Yummy!


  1. hope you feel yourself soon, but hey I would enjoy a couple of days in bed too =) And a back rub to boot.

  2. Hope you feel better. My fav is FreezIt you can only buy at Target, it is a generic of Bio Freeze that you can buy only at doctors offices. I usually alternate heat/ice.

  3. Father, place Your mighty hand of healing on Shane right now, please. Give her rest and relaxation, and unknot her muscles that cause her pain. Let her family celebrate having her as "mom" and "wife" this weekend, and let it refresh her spirit. In Jesus' name, amen.

    I've been living with ThermaCare pain patches on my lower back for days more surgery
    for me:-( Not now, anyway...I smell like a candy cane, but I don't hurt as much:-)


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