May 10, 2007

Healed back.....Broken bone

I am glad to report that 1 1/2 days in bed has helped my back tremendously. Hubby has been so good in taking care of the boys. The boys have really doated on me too, which I loved! They made me "get well" cards, brought me anything I needed and even layed with me in bed. What's the first thing I did today since I'm feeling better? Clean house. Yep, hubby can't be responsible for the boys and the house at the same time. But, that's okay with me. I'm just thankful I was able to clean today. Thanks to all of you who sent me well wishes...they worked!

In other news, Tater Tot has broken his pinky finger. He, Bubby and Daddy were jumping on the trampoline and Tater just landed on it the wrong way. So, he's wearing a splint for four weeks. He's doing really good at keeping it on. Unfortunetly it's on his right hand and he's right handed. That makes for sloppy writing, but his teacher is fine with it of course. He is six years old and this is his second broken bone. The first was three years ago. He had a spiral fracture in his leg. That time he was in a cast from his toes up to his little hiney...for eight weeks. I hope this isn't what we have to look forward to every three years.




  1. I hope his pinky heals fast. Glad you are up and about again.

  2. hey shane- i'm glad you're feeling better! luckily for me, my adhd-er damien (now 16) has never broken anything. lotsa sprains and stitches but nothing broken (touch wood). i do hope tater heals up quicklike!

  3. Jim Cook6:41 PM

    Hey sis, glad your, really, I am. Tell Tater Uncle Jimmy said get well soon and at this rate he should pass Evel Knievels records by his early twenties. (Second thought, don't tell him the last part)


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