May 29, 2007

My New Best Friend -- Update

I have a new best friend! Granted, I just met her today, but she really is my new best friend. I met her at precisely 2:45 p.m. Not only is she my new best friend, but she's also my chiropractor. Today was my initial visit so she did x-rays, exam and a 15 minute TENS treatment. The TENS treatment felt oh so good and banished the pain for about 45 minutes. I go back tomorrow to get the results of my x-rays and tests. She will then tell me what the course of treatment will be. I don't care what it is, I'll do it if it will get rid of my persistent back pain. She also gave me some killer gel to rub on my back. It's called Cryoderm and is so much more potent and long lasting than Icy Hot. I'll let you now how tomorrow goes. I'm excited to see what she has to say. Cross your fingers and toes for me, please.


Well today, 5/30/07, she showed me my x-rays. My right hip bone is slightly higher then my left. My two lower vertebrae are compressing and squishing (like my medical jargon?) the disc. This is turn is causing a subluxation. And, my lower spine is curving to the left. All of this combined is the cause of my pain. She adjusted me five times today. The first few I felt nothing. Then, it was like, "Oh! That feels better." She said the bones will probably not stay where they are supposed to because the ligaments, used to being in the wrong position, will pull them back to the left again. I go back Monday for another adjustment and she will give me my treatment plan then. Of course I had another TENS treatment today. I swear that's the fastest 15 minutes ever. I've always been a little skeptical about chiropractors, but I think they get a bum wrap really. I'm excited and just so very hopeful that she can relieve this pain I've lived with for too many years.


  1. I love my chiropractor. I use the biofreeze which is about the same stuff and I will never buy icy hot again.

  2. ooh- sounds like torture! i do hope she can help you shane...

    i have tagged you!


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