May 31, 2007

I Won an Award!

An award has been given to me. It's not the most coveted of awards, but I have won it nonetheless. "It" is the Worst Mother of the Year award! Bubby's school held an awards ceremony at 9:00 this morning. For the past three years I have always attended this event. Of course I have always been notified prior to the ceremony that Bubby would be receiving an award of some type. This year I received no such notification. Therefore, I did not go. Well, Bubby sadly informed me when I picked him up from school today that he did indeed receive three awards! WHAT?? I was furious. To make me feel even worse he said, "I looked everywhere but I didn't see you. I smiled just in case you were out there somewhere." Talk about breaking my heart. At that very moment I felt like absolutely strangling the life out of his teacher. What wasn't I told. Why wasn't a little note sent home letting me know he was going to be recognized? I immediately called Hubby and told him what had happened. Needless to say, he was quite upset too. As soon as we hung up he called the school and spoke with Bubby's teacher. She apologized profusely of course. In the case an apology just doesn't make up for things. My son stood there, award in hand, with no one clapping specifically for him. Just typing this post is making me mad all over again. I can guarantee you one thing, for the next nine years of his school career, if there is an awards ceremony I will be there regardless.

Now, I want everyone on the world wide web to know that my son, "Bubby," was presented with four awards today:

  1. Perfect Attendance for the fourth quarter
  2. B.U.G. Award (Bring Up Grades)
  3. S.E.E.D.S. Award (reading program)
  4. Most Thoughtful in his class (voted on by his classmates)

Hubby and I couldn't be more proud of our little Bubby. It is unimaginable that tomorrow will be his last day in third grade. It is even more unimaginable that this fall we will be the proud parents of a first and fourth grader! What? How did this happen? Where did my babies go?


  1. ooh, that makes me cross for you! how inconsiderate!
    very well done bubby!

  2. Oh No! I am so sorry to read this. You must be heartbroken. Yesterday I was unable to attend a gathering at my 7 YOs school. Fortunately I was able to find someone to go and be there for him. My Brother is currently unemployed, so when we were thinbking of someone to ask my sons say "Uncle Bill can come, He won't be doing anything".

    I hope Bubby quickly realizes that you will be there the next time.

  3. Shane the SAME EXACT THING happened in the middle of the year with my youngest. I too was going to strangle the teacher. It is hard to swallow the "I'm Sorry's" at that time.

    I totally know what you are feelings. But good news is, I highly doubt it will be a story he passes on to his children, it will be forgoten. God's grace is like that for us parents =)

    Have a blessed day, and stop beating yourself up.

  4. Oooh...I would be so livid!

    So glad he got so many awards though.


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