May 20, 2007


Not a whole heck of a lot going on here, just everyday life really. Tater's next to last soccer game was yesterday. He did an awesome job as goalie. He blocked tons of goals. His team. the Blue Sharks, won! The boys only have 8 1/2 days of school left. They each want to spent some time with their grandparents this summer. Plus we'll be going to the beach for a week, swimming in our pool and I'm sure we'll visit a amusement park or two. So, the ten week summer break will pass quickly. Hubby an d I have been doing some major work in the yard. We've planned lots of perennials. My favorite is a beautiful pink hydrangea. Now we just need to get two truck loads of mulch to finish it off. I've been busy planning the end of year party for Tater Tot's class. We're going to be having a pizza party the last day (half day actually) of school. The parents all sent in money to go towards a joint gift for their teacher and aide. I was able to order $150+ worth of goodies for the classroom. I know teachers spend so much of their own money for these items, so we wanted to help them out with this. The children are all so excited to present them with the gifts. I've also been quite busy with my other blog, the ADHD & LD Resource Blog. I have been getting so many wonderful emails from my readers, which I greatly appreciate. Well, that about wraps it up I guess. Have a great weekend! :)


  1. Sounds like you are just as busy as we are. Great job on the with the soccer! My kids are out Wed and I am not sure if I am ready. But we too have several trips planned. It seems summer is a much more busier time for my family.


  2. SOundslike fun and busy. When my kids were in school the teachers had to buy there own copy paper (which is ridiculous) so me and another mom would buy a case of paper for every holiday...they loved it.

  3. you've been busy eh! tater should be almost finished with school by now? i love hydrangeas, and for a long time they were my sister's favourite flower! in my aunt's garden they're a beautiful blue!


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