May 15, 2007

A Mayberry Mother's Day

As we did last year, we spent this Mother's Day in Pilot Mountain, N.C. with hubby's parents and brother. It's always fun to go this time of year so we can attend the Pilot Mountain Mayfest. There's always something for everyone...a car show, tons of vendors selling their wares, carnival rides and delicious food. And, can you believe we didn't take one picture? Well, we did last year so those will have to do. The boys also got me the cutest card. It said "Happy Mother's Day from the "not me's" and "I Didn't-do-it's" ......also known as your kids. Boys is that ever the truth! Our two doggies even got me a card. I'm not exactly sure how they pulled that one off but they did.


  1. That card will definetly be one to keep!

  2. i do love car shows- smart dogs those eh?


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