June 5, 2007

The boys are off on vacation...

The boys and I will be accompanying hubby to Hickory, N.C. tonight. He has a meeting there tomorrow morning. While he's at the meeting Darrin's parents are going to meet me in Statesville to pick up the boys. So, I guess hubby and I are in for a little vacation ourselves. Gee & Paw will be coming to pick up Tater Tot on Friday at Nana & Papa's house. Bubby will get to stay at Nana & Papa's all by himself until June 15th. Tater Tot will get to do the same at Gee's house. They are both in for a week of spoiling I'm sure. They are catered to and can do no wrong at their grandparent's houses. I have no right to say anything really. I used to spend almost every weekend at my Mamaw & Papaw's house. I was treated like a little princess and loved it. I do have big plans while they are gone....I hope to paint Tater Tot's new bed and rearrange his room. I also hope to paint the laundry room and powder rooms. Now remember, that is my plan. Of course hubby and I will have a few date nights along the way too. I'm excited. I know I'll miss my little critters, but a little alone time with hubby is always nice too. By the way, my adjustments at the chiropractor are going great. I go three times this week and next week. Then twice a week for three weeks, etc. It's amazing how I can actually feel her moving my bones when she adjusts me. I also have 4 one hour massages coming my way....yeah! Here's to a productive yet restful week.


  1. Jacob is with his grandparents until July 4. It would be wonderful if they would have taken theother two as well! LOL

    Enjoy your mini-vacation.

  2. i dunno what i would do without damien fo such a long time!!!

  3. Just found your blog, super cute! Bluebird Designs is making mine, too... good to "meet" you! Have fun with your projects.


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