July 17, 2007

Another project complete!



We also purchased these wicker cubes on clearance and pained them hunter green to match our table and chairs. I also repainted the planter holder on the wall to match. Then, Tater Tot picked out new pots and flowers for it.

Look hard to see the matching seat cushions.

I checked another thing off of my "To Do" list recently. Darrin's parents gave us a wicker sofa and rocker last year. It was in great shape but I've wanted to recover the cushions to something more our taste. Then, we decided not only to recover the cushions, but to also paint both pieces. The project just took off from there. We did both of those things and I also recovered the cushions in the chairs at the table to match. It was such a fun and rewarding project. I could have never completed it without my neighbor generously loaning me her sewing machine. Can you believe I've already told Santa that I want one of my very own in a few months? It was just so relaxing and.......fun! We so enjoy spending time out on our screened in porch now. It feels like an extension of the house. We just added a whole new room.

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  1. Very nice. I need to sew, hubby bought me a really nice machine...so far all I have sewn is some purses out of koolaid jammer containers for Britt and her friends a few years ago.


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