July 11, 2007

Bubby's day at the doctor

Today was Bubby's 10 year old well child check with his pediatrician. All went well, thankfully. He amazed both the nurse and doctor though. He has grown 5" since his last visit in December. He has also gained 8 pounds since then. He is now 4' 11" and 88 pounds. That puts him in the 86th percentile in height and 83rd in weight. That just seems totally amazing to me. Five inches in seven months? Wow! His doctor, like the two before her, informed me that once he's finished growing he should be well over 6' tall. I explained that so are his uncle and grandfather (on my side). She told Garrett...."you're going to be a giant!" Then, Payton chimed in and said, "and I'm going to be the shrimp!" Unbeknownst to me he also had to get a shot today. I'm really glad he didn't know beforehand though. That way he didn't have time to fret over it. It was his first hepatitis A shot. He'll get his second one in a few months. The funniest part of the visit was seeing the look on Bubby's face when the nurse told him to take off his shirt and shorts and put then handed him a gown. After doing so, she promptly left the room. He looked at me with the widest eyes and was in totally shock. He then said, "take what off?" I wanted to laugh, but didn't. His brother wasn't nearly as kind though. He thought it was utterly hilarious that Bubby had to "strip down." So, that's over with and Bubby has been certified healthy, fit, trim and TALL. Here's to another healthy year!


  1. Mine are both tall and i am always threatening to put a brick on their head to stop it as I cant keep up with jeans!

  2. They do grow fast, and what a handsome son you have there Momma!


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