July 10, 2007

Michelle Michael trial begins

photo taken from Charleston Daily Mail's website

If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember this post about a former friend of mine, Michelle "Shelly" Michael, who has been charged with murdering her husband. Well, her trial finally began yesterday, July 5th. It has been almost two years since her husband, Jim, was given a paralyzing drug and then perished while his home burned around him. I still find it unimaginable that Shelly could do such an inhumane thing. While I have not seen all of the evidence of course, what I have been reading in the paper certainly points directly to her as the culprit. The couple have four children. Jim had a son and a daughter from a previous marriage and Shelly has the same. Please keep them and the rest of Jim's family in your prayers. I can only imagine how difficult it is going to be for his family to sit through countless hours of detail testimony. I firmly believe that justice will indeed prevail.

UPDATE: Jury selection began 7/5/07. You can read the article in the Charleston Gazette.
UPDATE: The jury was selected on 7/6/07 and opening arguments are scheduled for Monday, July 9th.
UPDATE: The trail started today, 7/9/06. The trial is also being filmed for the CBS show "48 Hours." They are planning to do a show about the case in the future.
UPDATE: Crime scene photos were seen in court today, 7/10/07.
A resourceful and caring reader has forwarded me a web address that is devoted to Shelly's trial. For future updates visit West Virginia Metro News' trial page. And, for pictures from the trial visit their photos page.


  1. Hello. I'm new to your blog, visiting via the CWO blogroll. What a heart breaking post! My heart really goes out to the kids.

  2. i dont even want to be in your position! i wouldn't know what to do! it's true about how you could think you know a person inside-out and not know a single thing about what that person is truly made of.

    but a person is innocent until proven guilty and the accused should always be given the benefit of the doubt. there's still hope she didn't do it although all evidences suggests otherwise.

    oh boy, this is so....like, my thing. i am into this crime thinghy (that's why i studied law...not for the company law, contract law, english legal system...blah blah blah) and i would actually like to know what the hell is going on in 'there' when the decision was made. you know...

    i better stop before i bore you! :-)

  3. Hi there. I've been reading your blog for a short time and didn't know that you knew Jimmy and Shelly. Jimmy's dad is the former pastor of our church here in MD and I am friends with Jimmy's brother and SIL. This is such a tragedy. The Michaels (Ruth, Denny, Steve and Stacy) have to be some of the nicest people I know. Ruth was actually in the delivery room with me when I had my son in March. They have the biggest hearts I've ever seen. I didn't know Jimmy or Shelly except in passing (Jimmy was a year or so ahead of me in high school) but my heart just aches for his family. We keep praying that justice will be served.

  4. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Shane, this is very odd. Shelly is my 1st cousin, and I also live in South Carolina. I just found out about this trial this week, and I am unbelievably shocked. Anyone who knows Shelly would know this is not in her nature. Anyway, I will be follwoing you blog. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I have known Shelley for a long time and I do not think that she is capable of this kind of horrible thing. I hope that the jury finds her innocent and she can be with her children again. I am sure that they miss her a lot.

    I hope that one day justice will be served and they find out who killed Jimmy. I honestly don't think it was Shelley.

  6. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I have known Shelly my entire life and this is such a tragic story that has impacted so many people. Shelly and Jimmy seemed to be so happy together and blended their families together very well. My heart breaks for the children and both families. I truly believe that Shelly is NOT capapble of this and that she DID NOT have anything to do with it. She is such a kind and caring person and whoever did this is a monster!

  7. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Justice has been served!

    Jimbo-you'll be in our hearts forever.

  8. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I CAN NOT believe that they found her guilty. The Shelley I know would never do something this horrible. My heart goes out to all of the kids and to both families. They have lost so much already and I feel that the real killer is still out there. May God give all of them strength to get through this.

    I am praying for everyone.

  9. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I would be interested in knowing Michelle's maiden name and whether she was from Ponchatoula, Louisiana. If anyone has this info, would they e-mail me at wlb109shr@charter.net?

    Thanks very much.

    W. L. Brooks

  10. That's a good question. I will try and find out.

  11. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Shane, I followed the trial and do not believe Michelle was guilty of the crimes she was sentenced for, I hope one day they find the real perp and that her life and the life of her children & family maybe restored to "normal". What made you decide to do this? I read where she used to be your friend? May GOD comfort the Michaels family & Michelle's family & friends, good luck w/your diet.

  12. Anonymous6:51 AM

    wow you censor the posts

  13. Hello Anonymous,

    Yes, I do censor the comments. This became necessary when I started receiving 100+ word advertisements in my comments section. As you can see, I am fair and publish all comments as long as they are legitimate comments.

    As for you question of why I decided to do "this".... I suppose you are referring to writing this post. I weighed the evidence that was present against her and to me she seems overwhelmingly guilty. I hope that answers your question.

    If you have any future questions I'd love to chat with you. If you'll register with Blogger and not comment as "Anonymous" that would be possible.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  14. This woman thought she was god's gift to the male gender.

    Cheated on every man she's ever been with...broke up Jimmy's first marriage (and tried to blame his ex for the murder). Was cheating on Jimmy with another married man.

    She is no good.

  15. Tabby1:17 AM

    Okay. So for all of you individuals that state that Michelle is uncapable of commiting this act are out of your minds. She murderd my Uncle Jimmy and was smiling the whole time at the funeral no tear feel down her face. She has to right to see the kids....she will probably do the same thing to them if she finds out there is money with them. The pain that she has put Donna and Denny and the rest of my family throught is the greating and most tragic pain a family should never have to go through. It kills me that even after all the evidence that was giving you all still want to protect her. She didnt even get the correct punishment I dont think. My Uncle lost his life and my neices and nephews lost there father....also for all of you individuals that feel as if there was not enough evidence provided to prove she did it...what about the video tape that showed her leaving Ruby Memorial and going to her car getting in the vehicle and going towards her house...she cannot say that she stopped at the sheetz there because it was the opposite way. I honestly think that she needs to die in jail. For all of you in individuals that are saying that Michelle is guilty think again....think of this...how would you feel sitting in and english test getting a phone call from your mom on your cell stating that your uncle was burned to death....I broke down in tears...I cry everytime his name comes up....everytime something comes on TV. I cannot stand to think that some lowlife "B" killed my uncle and isnt getting what she really needs to get!!! I feel very strong with the way that me and my family feel and if you have any problems with this please comment what your feelings are!

  16. Anonymous8:04 PM

    i was at Lakin Correctional Center for women with Michelle, I got to know her pretty well..She' a very quiet individual, she seemed very nice..I would never try to judge a person based on appearances..Or any other way for that matter...Only her and god knows what truly happened...


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