July 11, 2007

Bedroom Makeover

(Here's the new curtain rods. I didn't have them up yet in the other pics)

While the boys were out of town a few weeks ago, at the grandparent's houses, I decided to redecorate our master bedroom. We've had the furniture for eight years or so and we were beginning to tire of it. It was light pine which is not our favorite. That's what happens when you buy something just because it's a good price! However, Hubby painted it black and I love it! Then it was my turn to do the fun part.....shop. New comforter, linens, window treatments & hardware, wall hangings... you name it. I'm quite pleased with the way it all turned out. By the way, see the bench at the foot of the bed. It is actually older than I am. It used to belong to my parents (when they were still married) many moons ago. We had it recovered as the blue velvety fabric just wasn't our taste. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Smiles!


  1. Oh it's beautiful! You did a wonderful job.

  2. Jennifer,
    Thanks so much! I'm quite proud of it myself. I only have one thing left to do....find a matching bedskirt. The set I bought didn't come with one. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on eBay...shouldn't take too long. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Can I ask where you got the comforter? It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for...

    I love the rooms... :)


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