July 11, 2007

Tater Tot's room makeover



Daddy accidentally broke the mirror

Showing off his new sports decor

While the boys were away last month I also finished Tater's room up. He has had his dresser and chest for a few years. I actually purchased them on eBay for next to nothing. The seller just happened to live only 20 minutes from us. They were dark wood and dated. I painted them and they're good as new. He's been needing a new bed for a while so we bought one from an individual. I painted it too of course, to match the rest of his furniture. We got him new wall decor too. He only had posters and such up on his walls before. He was so surprised when he returned home. He's quite the proud little man and is actually keeping it quite clean now. Yeah!

P.S. -- If Bubby's room is every clean enough I'll post pictures of it as well. We did his room two years ago and he's still happy with it. He's lucky enough to have his dad's old bedroom suite. It may be 37+ years old, but it's good stuff I tell ya. Bubby picked out the colors for his room, blue and green. He even has a useable chalkboard painted on one wall. Keep your fingers crossed for pictures soon.

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