July 21, 2007

This is what summer's all about

I LOVE summer! Especially summer's in the south. For me, it's one of God's better creations. Not only do I love the season but all the trimming that go along with it: vacation, sunny days, trees full of leaves, flowers in bloom, wind chimes playing a melody, birds singing, fireworks.......the list could go on and on. One of the best places to enjoy all of trappings of summer is right in our back yard, off of our living room. When we bought our house three years ago, it came with a fairly large screened in porch attached. Okay, we thought, we'll take it since it's there. We'd never had the luxury of owning a home before that also came equipped with a screened in porch. Therefore, we didn't know that value of them. Oh, they are glorious. Right now as I am typing this I am sitting at my patio table on the screened in porch. There is a gentle breeze, the ceiling fan is whirling above me, I am sipping on a cold glass of sweet tea, I hear the bird's songs and my children playing in the distance. It's just shear paradise. We spent so much of our time out here. I read my morning paper here. The kids love to have their friends over and eat lunch here. Supper is generally served in this very spot as well. Once night falls you may think we head in doors. Nope! You are mistaken. That the very best time to enjoy our outdoor room. We light a few candles and get comfy on the wicker sofa and chair. The boys will usually bring out a light blanket to keep off the night chill. We just sit, talk, laugh and enjoy the evening. If you are not as lucky as we are you should sincerely consider adding one on to your home. It will become as extension of your house in no time. And, since we're in the south, we use spring, summer and fall. It just can't be beat. I highly recommend you look into it.

You can see a few pictures of my favorite spot in this previous post.

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