August 26, 2007

A Sunday Downtown

The boys with mouse #1

My three boys on the trolley

We spend the day downtown today. We're so fortunate to have such a great downtown! We try to take advantage of it as much as we possibly can too. We started off by eating at one of our favorite places, Sticky Fingers. Then we began out journey to find the "Mice on Main." It start with a bronze statue of a little mouse with the book "Goodnight Moon." They, by following clues, you have to find eight others that are scattered around downtown. Let me tell you, it's no small feat either. Then, we took a nice relaxing ride on the downtown trolley which is always fun. After that, we headed on over to the Children's Garden. It's the cutest little kid's park nestled underneath an overpass about a block off of Main Street. What an excellent use of that space I think. It's full of fun things for kids to enjoy. And, it serves as a great shelter when a thunderstorm rolls in! After waiting quite a while for the storm to pass, we decided to make a run back to Main Street and hoped to catch the trolley back to our car which was about six blocks away. Sure enough, the trolley arrived just as we rounded the corner to Main Street. Thank goodness too. We were all soaked. It was a fun day anyway and we plan to go back down one day soon to finish the fun. You can see lots more pictures from our downtown adventure on flickr.

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  1. Looks like a FUN day! What a neat idea for downtown.


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