September 3, 2007

A Sunday Evening at the Park.....the baseball park

Darrin's parents and brother are down visiting so we took them to see a baseball game last night. It was absolutely perfect weather. It's been in the 100's here and really too hot to enjoy a baseball game even at night. But, last night was great. Perfect baseball weather. The Drive ended up losingn 5 to 2, but it was still a great family night out. Since it was the last night game of the season, they had a spectacular fireworks show right after the game. I never get tired of fireworks! The boys also made a card to send to the troops while we were there.

Darrin's dad and brother, Tater, Darrin and Bubby

The boys getting ready to make a card for the troops in Iraq

Bubby and his Nana

A shot of the field

The mini Green Monster

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