October 6, 2007

Good News.......

Stay tuned for good news coming soon!


  1. Don't keep us in suspense too long! It's good to have a good "teaser", but tell us soon! Susie

  2. Jim Cook12:09 AM

    You have "Good News" and I have to find out by reading your blog? Shouldn't I have received a call or an email? Don't I get a "head's up" by virtue of being your brother...family if you will?

    Fine. Then I'm not telling you that I retire in May '08 and will be moving back to Oceana. Oh, wait a second, I've ALREADY SHARED WITH YOU! LOL

  3. Never fear, I informed my brother before I posted the previous post. He was aware of the latest developments before I announced it on the www!

  4. Jim (Big Brother)7:06 PM

    Ummm, by brother I guess you mean "YOUR OTHER ONE" because I just found out by reading your blog. LOL

    You do remember I'm in South Dakota for a few months right?


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