October 9, 2007

Good News......sort of

Well since teasing you with the "...stay tuned for good news post" things have gotten a little complicated. I was all ready to post about Darrin accepting a job in Mt. Airy, NC as a sales Manager with Belk. He was formally offered the position yesterday (Monday). This would put us 10 minutes from his parents and move us three hours closer to my family. Not bad, huh? Well, while we were away this weekend he received a call from three other potential employers who would like to interview him. One he is particularly interested in.... Dick's Sporting Goods. That would be his dream job. Managing a store filled to the brim with sporting equipment? Please! That wouldn't even be considered work I don't think. So, he goes for that job interview this Friday. This job would land us in Roanoke, VA which would be absolutely perfect. It would be about half way between his parents and mine...just a few hours each way. Plus, even though there is no ocean nearby, we really like the area. We would get to enjoy all four seasons without the winters being too harsh. So, the saga continues. If you're praying for us go ahead and mention Dick's. The Lord knows our hearts and we've put it in his hands. I'll keep you updated.


  1. Will keep you guys in prayers that you get exactly where the Lord wants you to be. Good luck I know it must be incredibly stressful!

  2. I've put some feelers out there, but nothing in retail sales.. or at least I don't know any one in retail sales, but I've emailed my contacts...

    but I have to tell you that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to land in Roanoke, selfishly, because I'm here... and our boys are the same ages...

    however, I'll continue to pray that he takes the best job for you and your family and that it all works out for the best. :)

    Keep us updated!

  3. Roanoke is nice, but so is Mt. Airy.

    Three boys and Dicks sporting goods, sounds like a good match to me. Hope it works out for you.

  4. Jim Cook7:10 PM

    Roanoke, VA...Let's see...YEP! That's close to Martinsville! I'll come visit ya twice a year...check the NASCAR schedule for dates/times.

    Best of luck with the Roanoke job.

  5. Near Roanoke would be nice. Living in Roanoke or Salem would be very crowded. But there are lots of options. We live just west of Blacksburg and can get home (Oceana) in a couple of hours. Dick's also just opened a store at the New River Valley mall in Christiansburg!

    Good luck.

    Al, OHS 76


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