November 4, 2007

Forget Mayberry

A few weeks ago I posted about our impending move to Mt. Airy. Well, last week Darrin received another job offer. He has been waiting for this job off for months. It's the one company that he has wanted to work for since Heilig Meyers went out of business in 2001. It's taken a long time and relentless effort on his part but he has finally succeeded! We are now going to be moving to Roanoke, Va. He accepted a management position with Dick's Sporting Goods. He could not possibly be any more excited. As a matter of fact, we're all excited. This move will place us just three hours from "home" in Oceana, WV and only two hours from his parents in Mt. Airy, NC. He has to take a two week class in Virginia Beach, VA before he can begin work. He should hear from them this week as to when to report for class.

He resigned from his position at Belk in Mt. Airy last Thursday and came home. I didn't tell the boys he was coming. He surprised them and walked into the living room at about 8:30 that night. They were so happy. Tater Tot started crying and wouldn't let go of him. Until he leaves for his class we're sprucing up the house. We've removed wallpaper, painted, packed some things up to de-clutter, etc. We've changed our minds and want to put the house on the market as soon as we get it ready. We don't want to be five hours away from him any longer than we have to be.

The boys are really excited about daddy working at Dick's too. They've already told Darrin what all they want from there for Christmas. They have also come to terms with moving and leaving their friends. Tater Tot asked, "Do they have hurricanes in Roanoke?" "Do they have floods?" "Do they have robbers?" I answered "no" to each of his questions. He then replied, "Good we'll be safe there!" They've even been helping tear off the wallpaper and pack.

Thank you so much to those of you have remembered us in your prayers. They have definitely been answered. As always, God has worked things out in His time.


  1. so... let me know how i can help since I'm right here.... :)

    do you need housing guides or anything? I could go pick them up and stick them in the mail...

    and should you need help unpacking or info about the schools, areas, etc... just let me know...

    wow, there will finally be another blogger here... i've not found anyone other than me yet... :)

  2. Happy to hear things are working out. Have a wonderful week!

  3. I know yall were really wanting this. Congrats.

    Wish I could help, but I dont' know much about Roanoke.


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