November 6, 2007

Next week is IT!

Darrin got the news today....he starts his training class with Dick's Sporting Goods one week from today (11/12/07). He'll be training in Richmond for two weeks and then will be working in Roanoke. So, if anyone has any advice I we can use it.... schools, housing market, corporate housing (until the boys and I get there).


  1. I think you want to stick with SW Roanoke County (Hidden Valley School district...) For the most part, the school system is great... the only one better would be Salem or certain places in Botetourt (if you want to commute... I grew up there)

    corporate housing wise...Pebble Creek and Honey wood offer it... that's on the SW County side of town... but closer to Dicks is West Wind, although I'm not sure of that neighborhood now...

    i'm sure there are more, but I'd have to go investigate a little bit more... those are the ones that I've actually seen.

    You're more than welcome to email me if you want to know anything else... i've been in the area for the most part for the past 19 years...

    how exciting for you!

  2. Sounds like things are really coming together. So glad for you guys.


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