November 28, 2007

Our New (rental) answer to prayer

Last week while the boys were off from school for the Thanksgiving holiday and enjoying time with their grandparents in WV, I went to Roanoke to find us a place to live. I got there on Tuesday night. I spent the next three days looking, and looking, and looking. Yes, we even looked on Thanksgiving Day. We stopped briefly to catch a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel, and then we hit the road again. We had our hearts set on renting a house and really didn't want to have to rent an apartment. We have 2400 square feet of furniture and knew no apartment would hold it all. Plus, apartments just aren't pet friendly. However, as a last resort, we did look at a 3 bedroom apartment Saturday afternoon. It was nice, but small. We were prepared to take it though because the houses we'd seen were just yucky.

We picked up a pizza for supper Saturday night and headed back to our room to watch some of the WVU football game. I also picked up another newspaper (as I'd done for the past 3 days). I really wasn't expecting anything new to be in it, but boy was I happily surprised. There, in the 'for rent' column, was a listing with "First Day" on the top of it. It sounded great, but so had all the others. After the game we drove out to find it anyway. Even though it was dark, we liked what we saw. It was in a great neighborhood and close to a good school. We called the number in the paper to see when we could see the inside...thinking it would at least be the next day.......he said, "I'll come over right now!" Yeah! We were so excited. He kept his word and was there within 15 minutes. We knew immediately after stepping inside that we.

That, my friends, is an answer to prayer!! I was scheduled to leave town the very next day and so was Darrin (for training classes). We had already prepared ourselves to lease the apartment we'd seen earlier in the day before we left. Then, at 8:30 on Saturday night,our prayers were answered.

The house is in a great housing development that only has one way in and one way out. That's great because there won't be any through traffic. Also, each street is a dead end. The streets are nice and flat for biking riding and skateboarding. We're also only 1/10 of a mile from the boys new school. The backyard is already fenced in for our dogs too. It's everything we'd hoped (and prayed) for.


  1. How exciting!!!

    Are you in the county or the city? I'm in SW County...

    Welcome to the 'Noke!

  2. That is wonderful!

  3. That's wonderful, it looks very nice.

  4. It's a wonderful looking home. I have had to house hunt with my husband on many occassions over the years. It's always a wonderful feeling when You find exactly what you need.


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