December 4, 2007

Inflatable City

I recently read about a man that lives nearby that really decorates for Christmas. He has 70 inflatables and countless strands of light. He uses his front yard, backyard and his neighbor's backyard. Bubby has loved in inflatables for four or five years now. He may be to the point of being obsessed with them. He is the proud owner of eight or ten of his own for various holidays. So, I had to take him to see this man's display. It was amazing. We walked through twice. He was even playing the movie "The Polar Express" on his garage door!

That's one TALL Santa!

Posing for mom

One of Bubby's favorites

If you can't get enough and are just dying to see more, never fear.....I have more. Go to flickr and check them out. A few of them turned out blurry for some reason but you'll get the idea.


  1. We have a drive tthrough display in a town near hear that says it has over 200, I had never seen so many different ones.

  2. Hey Shane,

    Can you let me know where this house is? My girls would love to see it. Hope your move is a smooth transition. Good luck with everything is VA.



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