November 12, 2007

What a GREAT party!

Well, my grandmother's surprise 85th birthday party went off without a hitch on Saturday. She was truly surprised and everyone had a great time. Wondering why there's no pictures? Well......Darrin left from Oceana last night to start his Dick's Sporting Goods training class in Richmond, VA. The kicker is...he took my keys with him! So, the boys and I are stranded in Oceana with my car locked and no keys. Luckily he figured out he had them before he got out of WV. He left the keys in Beckley (an hours drive from Oceana) for me. My mom is on her way there now to pick them up. Then, we'll be on our way back to SC. I will post a more detailed post about the party with pictures tomorrow.

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  1. The key thing happens to us all the time, just not so far away.

    I thought it was bad that my car was dead this morning meaning no school for us. At least you get an extra day in WV. Is it cold there?


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