December 8, 2007

Heaven, Hives & Home

This past Wednesday, Tater Tot woke up looking like this:

The day before he had what looked like just another flair up of his eczema. However, the above clearly was not eczema so we were off to the doctor. She said they were hives. Apparently he was allergic to something that he came in contact with during the last few days. Who knows what in the world that could of been. She prescribed him a three day dose of steroids and now he looks fine. While he was home from school, and had a lot of extra time on his hands, he shared a few of his thoughts with me:

  1. After hearing Manheim Steamroller play a Christmas song on the radio he said, "You know, I don't think Jesus liked that one!"

  2. "Mom, I've figured out who Santa really is!" I dreaded to ask but did anyway, "who?" "Jesus!" he replied.

  3. He informed me that a girl in his class said she wasn't his girlfriend anymore and I asked him why. His reply was, "I have no idea. I didn't even know she was my girlfriend!"
In other news, I started packing this week for our impending move on the 16th. I put it off as long as I could because I wanted to boys to have some sense of normalcy as long as possible. Each time I go somewhere and return home I get a slight feeling of sadness. We've lived in this house for almost four years and have really enjoyed it.

We have the best neighbors and the neighborhood is so kid friendly. I'm really going to miss so many things. I am, of course, super excited to be moving closer to family and getting our lives back to "normal," but still. It will surely be a sad day when we pull out of our driveway for the very last time.

The past few nights the boys and I have driven around to different neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. Since we're not putting any up this year I figured it was the least I could do for them. We've stumbled onto to really nice displays too. Of course they don't care what they look like. As long are there is a string of lights and a Santa or reindeer they're happy.

Now that I only have five days left to pack, I have contracted a kicker of a cold. Today I feel like doing absolutely nothing, but I have to. There is laundry to do, more packing to do and I promised the boys we'd make Christmas cookies. So, the show must go on. There will be time to rest in eleven or twelve years I guess.

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