January 18, 2008

The catch up post......

Happy 2008! We had a great New Years. Darrin parents, grandmother and brother were here to ring in the new year with us. Me, Darrin and the boys took our annual New Year picture. We always take a snapshot of ourselves as soon as the ball drops in Times Square. Darrin and I started that tradition our very first New Years together in 1991.

Then, on Jan. 2nd, we celebrated Darrin's 38th birthday. Everyone stayed to help us celebrate that too. Bubby frosted the cake and Tater decorated. It was a delicious red velvet cake....his favorite.

The next big event was Tater pulling his own tooth! It had been loose for several weeks and he'd been working on it earnestly. He wouldn't let anyone else touch it so he finally just pulled it out himself. He'd lost a tooth last summer but that was because the dentist pulled it. So, since this was the first one that came out on its own, the tooth fairy left him $5! He bought a dirt bike magazine with the money.

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