January 24, 2008

"The biggest snow I've ever seen!!!"

Tater Tot was so excited to wake up last Thursday and see snow.....everywhere! "Mama, mama, that's the biggest snow I've ever seen!!," he said. He was only 3 when we left WV so he doesn't remember the mammoth snow we used to get in Morgantown. There would be weeks that we wouldn't even see our grass. Bubby missed entire weeks of school due to the snow. So, needless to say, Tater was anxious to get out and play in the white stuff. He and Bubby spent virtually all day outside. I joined them for the first hour or so and then I had to retreat to the warmth of the house. The were not phased by the cold though. Luckily I had prepared in advance and got them snow suits and boots. That's something I haven't had to buy in a while. We even picked up a new sled at (where else) Dick's Sporting Goods!

They went sledding nearby with friends in our neighborhood. Then, it was time for the mandatory snowman building. Santa brought them a snowman building kit for Christmas so we didn't have to search for a hat, scarf, eyes, etc.

They hated to see the snow melt the next day and are already planning how they'll spend their next snow day.

Tater was too tired to build the whole snowman, so he just settled for the head.

Tater ready to go down the hill again.

"You mean you can eat this stuff?"

Go Bubby, go!!

Bubby remembered how to make a snow angel.

All bundled up and ready to play.

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