January 24, 2008

"I met a bully in the bathroom"

Tater came home from school yesterday asking four quarters. He asked repeatedly and wouldn't tell me why he needed them. After much encouragement from me, he said, "I met a bully in the bathroom today!" How does one meet a bully? Normally bullies don't take the time to introduce their selves and exchange niceties before beginning their torment. He goes on to tell me that he went to the restroom during lunch and this "guy" was in there. He told Tater to give him four quarters. Tater told him that he didn't have any. He then told Tater to bring them to him tomorrow. Tater, being quite scared, told him okay. What? My son is in the first grade and is being bullied? Who is this kid? I want a name? I'm way bigger than he is and I'll take care of him! Well, that was my first instinct of course, but I took an alternate, more adult route. I immediately got every single detail from Tater. I then promptly emailed his teacher and principal. I explained the situation and asked what would be done. I very quickly received a reply from the principal. She assured me that she would take care of it the next day (today). She was also quite apologetic and reassured me that this is not acceptable.

I was anxious for Tater to get home today so I could find out what transpired at school today. He informed me that the principal "took care of it today." She spoke with Tater and the perpetrator together. The boy admitted to "being mean" to Tater and apologized to him. Come to find out, this "bully" is in the fourth grade and is the same age as Bubby. I also received an email from the principal today assuring me that all was taken care of and that the boy had been given an appropriate punishment.

I'm so thankful that Tater was brave enough to tell me about his encounter. Thanks to his bravery, this boy now knows that bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Way to go Tater Tot!

For more information about bullies and the best way to "fight back," this is a great resource. I have also written several posts about this topic on my ADHD & LD Blog.

P.S. - I forgot to mention the funny part! Tater fixed his own hair this morning......in a mohawk. He said he didn't want any other kids to think they could be mean to him. :)


  1. Tell Tater great job! ...but uncle Jimmy has two jets fueled and ready to go if he needs them.

  2. That is good that they handled it so quickly. Loved the snow pics Braden is wanting real snow so badly.

  3. Hi Shane,

    I just wanted to say hi. I love your "other" blog and am probably going to lob some questions at you if'n you don't mind on the ADHD front.

    That is a BIG deal that Tater told you about it. I've got a 1st grader that is soooo shy (big time part of his inattentive issues). I have to drag this stuff out of him and have the teachers watch out for him like a hawk.

  4. I never thought I'd see a bully in first grade, but we just went through that with Jacob as well. I hope things are going better at school this week.

  5. Tater's funny! I hope all went well the next day! I like the mohawk look. He looks pretty scary and tough to me, I think I would back down. :)

  6. Tater's great! I would be scared, he looks pretty tough. :)


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