March 15, 2008

What's up with us?

Darrin ~ 10 years old

Well, to start off with, the boys and I are getting over some kind of yucky crud. Tater started with it the first of the week then passed it on to Bubby. Not wanting me to be left out, they were kind enough to share it with me too. I don't suppose I can say much...after all, I have always taught them to share! Tater ended up coming home from school early on Wednesday and then missing Thursday all together. He had double pink eye. His doctor was gracious enough to just call in eye drops for us since the school nurse had already diagnosed him. You do not know how much of a blessing that was, unless, like us, you do not currently have health insurance. Some things we all just take for granted, you know? Health insurance is one of them. When you have it, it's no big deal. You just go on about every day as usual. When you don't have it, it's a totally different story though. And, the medication that we've used before has always been so expensive, even with insurance. I was dreading going to the pharmacy to pick it up. I knew he had to have it though and I would be buying it no matter what the cost was. God took care of us though! The Rx was only $26!! I even asked the clerk to double check the price. He's feeling much better now and was able to return to school yesterday.

On another note, he tried out for machine pitch Little League this morning. He is technically supposed to play tee ball until he's 8. However, they allow 7 year olds to try out for machine pitch if they feel like they can handle it. He did great! He hit every ball, ran like lightening, caught every grounder and just missed two pop ups. We should find out next week what team he's on and if he made machine pitch or not.

He's always played tee ball with the YMCA so he's super excited about playing Little League. He and Darrin had a great time looking at Darrin's old Little League pictures. He was able to pick Darrin out of all his team pictures.

Bubby is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his birthday in one week. He just can't wait to be 11! 11? How did that happen so darn fast anyway? He's decided he wants to go out to eat and then bowling to celebrate. We told him he could take a few friends with him. However, he only wants to take one friend, who happens to be a girl.....he is his father's son after all. I've ordered his gift from eBay and am just hoping it arrives in time.

Well, that's about it I guess. You can relax for the remainder of the weekend now that you're all caught up on our families goings on. Have a great one. :)

P.S. ~ I discovered a great website this week and wanted to share it with you. It is called Zunafish. It's a place to trade movies, music & games. You just list the items you have for trade and find another item to trade for. You pay the site $1 and they just pay to ship the item. I've already made a trade. I traded one dvd for another and was only out $3.50. It's a great service, check it out. Okay, bye again.


  1. Glad to hear things are going well. That sounds great on the little league. Praying the health insurance issue is soon taken care of.

  2. I went two years without insurance after my divorce. I have never been so sick in my life. Now that I have it again? I try NOT to go to the doctor. Those two years scarred me for life. It's a very scary thing to have happen to you.

    Prayers that that situation will be resolved. And soon!


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