March 23, 2008

Happy #11, Bubby!!

Blowing out the candles on his cookie cake at the mexican restaurant

Garrett & Lindsey (his friend)

With his new karaoke machine...

...and his new Taylor Swift CD from Lindsey

Tomorrow Bubby will turn 11. I know you've heard it from countless parents before, but it is just so true....... where has the time gone? How in the world can he be 11? My mind has been swirling.... in just five short years he'll be driving. Driving! Then, two years after that, he'll be off to college. College?! Then marriage, kids...... It seems like he grows an inch every night. He's getting more and more mature. He no longer likes Spongebob and Patrick. Now his attention has turned to Taylor Swift and mp3 players. He's interested in girls, one in particular. :) He's a good kid though. It's a pleasure to be his mommy and no matter how old he gets I will insist that he call me that. Happy 11th, birthday Bubby. I hope this truly is your best year ever!


  1. Why do they keep growing like that?

    I wish I were there to hear him belt it out on that karaoke machine.

    The pic of him with that sweet little girl made my stomach hurt a little. Only four more years and I'll be right there taking the same picture. She's very cute, though.

    Looks like the move has been good for the boys.

  2. The time does go so fast, my youngest will be 9 in May and I told hubby another year and I wont even have one in single digits. A friend had to remind me one day that I have had Britt at home now longer than I will still have her there (she is 10) I am like yikes don't say things like that. Happy 11th birthday!

  3. Great taste in music G, song 11 is my fav.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I am full of jealousy over that cookie.

    We left 11 behind 3 years ago and thought it was so monumental...until 12...then 13 wow'd we hit 14.

    When you get past the obligatory attitude that goes with tweens/teens? They're so much fun to be around!


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