April 14, 2008

The Bronchitis Bug is Back

Saturday night Tater came into our room coughing his little head off. I gave him some Delsym (the best cough medicine ever invented) and told him he could crawl in bed with us. As Sunday progressed, his cough worsened quickly. By 3:00pm he and I were at an urgent care place waiting to be seen. He was diagnosed with bronchitis. She gave him an Rx for amoxicillin and instructed him to eat lots of popsicles (to keep him hydrated of course) and informed him that he would have to miss school Monday (he was all smiles when he heard that). His condition got worse as the night progressed and we were about to take him to the ER. His breathing was very labored and shallow. Before going I called a neighbor who is an EMT and he offered to come down and check him out which he did. He did not feel it was necessary to take him and suggested we use a cool mist humidifier and just keep a close watch on him. He slept with me (we put daddy in Tater's bed). It was a rough night, but as of now (3:00 pm) he's feeling much, much better! His fever has broke and he's breathing easier.

Lunch is served (in the living room which is usually a big no-no).

Eat it all up!

Enjoying his popsicle per the doctor's orders & Chasie wishing he could just have one little lick!

He's been watching SPEED channel all day. We've seen monster trucks, drag racing and now motocross racing.


  1. Hope he's all better.

    Love his Cars blanket.

  2. Must be going around the whole country! I got one better and then another fell victim. I think the base clinic knows us on a first name basis now. I know I'm tired of going there!

    Hope healing happens quickly!


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