April 12, 2008

Our own little Christopher Newport

The entire 4th grade class at Bubby's school presented Sing to Know Virginia Studies this week. It was a great play about the history of Virginia. Bubby chose to play the part of Christopher Newport. Mr. Newport was a sea captain who founded the Jamestown Colony. It was up to each parent to assemble their child's costume, which was fun to say the least. We found everything that Bubby wore at Goodwill! The entire costume, from head to toe, was only $13. You can't beat that.

Bubby did an excellent job and really enjoyed the musical numbers. Singing is his "thing" after all! He even took the time to pose with an adoring fan after the performance.


  1. I love that play!!! I can't remember who MAtthew was last year. Isn't that horrible? IT can't have been anything difficult, because I don't remember having to work hard on the costume... :D

  2. Loved the pictures of "Christopher." Way to go, Garrett! Only a few more years until American Idol.


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