April 28, 2008

Have you heard the one about......

The sports store, two women and a cup? No? Well great..... you're about to.

In preparation for Tater's first baseball game of the season, my mom and I (with boys in tow) headed out for a local sports store. He needed a new bat as the one he had was a tee ball bat. (check) Then there was the face guard for his batting helmet. (check) Of course he had to have a baseball bat bag too. (check) Lastly, he needed/wanted a cup...I'm not really sure which one. So, my mom and I made our way to the cup section of the store. Now, I've done a lot of shopping in my time but this is one item I have never purchased.

I had always thought when this time in our boy's lives arose, my husband would be the designated cup buyer. But, since he was laid up at home with a sprained ankle, that torch was passed on to me. Anyway, back to the story.......

There were lots of sizes and colors to choose from. Who knew? I just figured they were all white and came in like two sizes..... big and little. After several minutes of browsing, I finally picked out two that I thought would work. Not being able to decide, I took them to the counter and asked the man which would be better. He just looked at me, looked at his male co-worker and smiled. How did he know I'd never done this before?

He was all scientific and got out a tape measure. I asked, "what in the world is that for?" He measured Tater's waist of course. He handed me two packages and said, "he'll be most comfortable in these." What a coincidence I thought, they just happen to be the two most expensive items on the display. He told Tater he would like it so much that he wouldn't want to take it off! Wow, maybe I need one of those things. How could it feel that good? The one he recommended was pretty nifty though. There is a regular, unassuming pair of white underwear with a pocket in front for the cup. What a great idea. By the way, I was recently informed by Tater Tot himself that from now on he only wanted to wear white undies like the big boys do! No more cars, sports, or Spiderman for him he said.

Anyway, the one the salesman chose for Tater looked H-U-G-E. I asked if he was sure that was the right size. He said, "It's either this one or the pee-wee size." Tater quickly removed the cup from the man's hand and said, "I'm not a pee-wee mom!"

After paying for our purchase, which was way more than I thought it would be just for Little League equipment, we headed home. During the short ride Tater asked from the back seat, "Mom, what does it feel like to wear a cup?" I replied, "I have no idea, you'll have to ask daddy." He of course wanted to know why I didn't know and asked, "Haven't you ever worn one before." "No, girls don't wear cups," I said. The next obvious questions from him was, "Why not?" I took a deep breath and answered, "Because girls don't have winkies." Can you even guess what he said next? Hold on to your seats........ "What do they have then?" Being totally unprepared to continue this discussion I quickly changed the subject and offered to stop by Wendy's for a frosty. Worked like a charm!

Oh, by the way, you know I always have at least one picture with every post. Well, I surely wasn't going to have Tater pose for me in his new protective gear. But, if you're really curious, you can see the item here.


  1. ok, i have to pass this on, because I have been where you are... because i ALWAYS get these jobs... :) after we purchased the very same item from the same store, (i had sam go look at something else while i was helping matt pick it out and I had told her that we needed to get a cup for matt to protect his "gear") we get in the car and she pipes up "did we get the glass for matt's penis?" i about died!

    but here's something i learned from matt... sometimes you can't keep the drawers they give you clean... or you don't have time to wash in between games... or you just forget, like i do... you can actually double up regular underwear. Like put a pair on, put the cup in and then put another pair on. It's a lot cheaper than buying another $7 pair of special undies... :D

    great story! :D

  2. Wow, that's a great tip! Thanks. I'm certain that will come in handy as the season progresses.

  3. Oh, my. I have three boys and I will make sure to avoid your shopping experience. I would have died laughing and then I think I would have headed to Wendy's for a frosty, too.

  4. I would have done Wendy's as well. Eek making sure hubby will be available for sure for that shopping.


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