April 28, 2008

Opening Day

Yesterday was opening day for Little League. Up to this point Tater has played tee ball. This year he felt like he should move up and tried out for a machine pitch team.....and made it! So, yesterday was a huge deal for him. He was nervous for the first time he said. After all, "that machine throws hard!"
Opening ceremonies started at 1:30 with all of the teams on the field. After a few plaques were distributed to major contributors of the league, they started announcing teams. Tater is on the Pirates team this year.......yellow and black. They had a bouncy house for the kids to jump in, hot dogs galore and it was also picture day. Busy to say the least.
Tater's game started at 4:00. He hit the ball both times he was at bat but was tagged out both times. That really disappointed him. I'm just thankful the rain held off and the sun even made a brief appearance. It was a great day of fun which we were glad to share with family. My mom and Darrin's brother were there to support our Tater.

After six innings, which is all they play, our team ended up winning 9 - 4......of course it's not about the winning.......it's about the fun. Yeah right! Not to a seven year old.

Warming up before the game

The team's "silly shot"

I've got it!

Fun in the jump house

Yeah, I'm a Pirate!

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  1. Boy is he growing up!!!!! What great form! Looks like a baseball future for him.

  2. i love the team's silly shot lol very cute


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