September 24, 2008

Seeing the Future with Tater Tot

A brief look into the mind of an 8 year old...

What are you going to be when you grow up? Dirt bike rider
Are you going to get married? Yes
Who are you going to marry? Taylor {our 16 year old neighbor in SC}

Are you going to have kids? Maybe...but one will be enough
Do you want a son or a daughter? Son
Why? Cause I'll already know what he like and I was a little boy once so it will be easier

What will you name him? Jackson or Austin or Michael
How much money will you make? Usually you get like $200 every lap
Where will you live? Greenville, SC

What kind of car will you drive? A black and yellow Mustang
How much will your house cost? 10 grand
What is your favorite food? Japanese

Where will you go on vacation? To a place to ride go carts and play putt putt like Myrtle Beach
Will your wife work? No, she will stay home with the kid
What does daddy do all day at work? He just works at The Fresh Market

But what does he do there? He tells people what to do and fires people
What does mommy do? Stays home and works on the computer
How much do you think cars cost? $1,000.

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