July 17, 2008

A Team Mom Review.... TripFLIX

I recently signed up with Team Mom and offered to volunteer to receive and review products. Not long thereafter, I received my first product... TripFLIX. My family and I were preparing to head out of town to see family so it could not have came at a better time.

TripFLIX was first conceived by two parents who wanted to make "an engaging, interactive educational media piece for kids that let them choose their own adventure, from coast to coast." Well, did they ever succeed.

The DVD is a whopping two hours long and will introduce your children to 25 fun-filled destinations throughout the United States. Your children can choose from six exciting regions:

  • Northeast
  • South
  • Midwest
  • Plains
  • Southwest
  • West

Or, you can choose to just "play all." That's what my two boys decided to do. They wanted to see everything and had plenty of traveling time to do so. The loved the comedic interaction between the two hosts, Emily and Alex. The entire DVD kept them entertained and taught them a little something in the process (but don't tell them that!). The interactive quizzes were a hit as well.

For a complete and thorough review, I went straight to the sources... "Bubby" and "Tater Tot." Here's what they had to say about the TripFLIX DVD:

Mom: What was your favorite part of the TripFLIX DVD:

Bubby (B) & Tater Tot (TT): The roller coaster at Coney Island, NY!

Mom: Why was that your favorite part:

B: It was cool to watch the kids on the coaster about to throw up.

TT: Roller coasters are my favorite thing so I liked learning about them.

Mom: Did you like the hosts, Emily & Alex?

TT: They were hilarious.

Mom: Was the DVD too long?

B: No way, we could have watched more.

Mom: What was your favorite part of the DVD?

TT: I liked Oriole Park in Maryland and the Augusta Greenjackets in Georgia the best. I love baseball.

B: My favorite part was the blooper reel. It cracked me up.

Mom: Do you think they should make a TripFLIX part 2?

TT & B: YES!!!

Mom: Will you watch this DVD again?

TT: We'll watch it every time we travel!

Mom: Do either of you have anything else to add?

TT: I think it's a fun way to learn about places.

Mom (thinking quietly): What?? Did he say the "L" word? You mean they realized they were learning while they were watching the DVD and they still want to watch it again? Yipeeee!!

Well, there you have it, our family gives TripFLIX a definite thumbs up. Mom and dad even managed to learn a thing or two while we were listening (we weren't watching and driving at the same time of course.). It kept the boys quiet for two solid hours, they learned about this great nation we live in, and everyone was happy... what else could you ask for in a DVD? Go TripFLIX!

Want to catch a little glimpse of the TripFLIX dvd? They have provided a great trailer on their website. Check it out..... and then go get yourself one....... you won't be sorry I promise. It may just be the best $19.99 you've ever spent. Happy traveling!

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