August 21, 2008

Back in VA

I'm happy to report that my Mamaw is doing better. She was moved out of CCU Tuesday. She did have surgery on Monday and came through great. The doctor's placed a filter in one of her veins to stop and break up a blood clot that is in her leg. Hopefully she will be going home real soon.

We came back to VA Tuesday evening. We brought a little something with us too... my three year old niece, Erin. She's staying with us until Sunday. We're having such a great time with her. It's definitely a new experience having another girl in the house. We plan to spoil her rotten and then send her home. (tee hee hee) She just loves her Uncle "Arrin" (she forgets to say the "D" for Darrin. She calls me Aunt "Shame." Isn't that precious?

Tonight is back to school night. The boys get to meet their new teachers tonight and see if they got the one they wanted. It's unbelievable that the summer is already over. I'm not even a kid, but that was F-A-S-T! Garrett will be in the fifth grade and Payton is in the second already. I have no idea how that happened so fast.

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