August 22, 2008

We're Official Virginians Now

As much as I hated to relinquish my South Carolina license plate, with it's "Smiling Faces Beautiful Places" quote and beautiful palm tree centered nicely in the middle, the state of Virginia said I had to. Growing up I always wanted one of those license plates. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. We would visit Myrtle Beach, SC every summer and I'd see those plates everywhere. I love palm trees and I love warm weather, so I figured if I had one of those on the back of my car, I'd be living close to the ocean too. Well, although we were in Greenville, SC, it was close enough to the ocean for me.

Now, we have a "mountain scene" plate from the Commonwealth of Virginia. It keeps us legal, but doesn't do it in nearly the same palm tree fashion. Bummer :(

And, as you can tell, we may legally be Virginians now, but we're still showing our love for WVU. (Go 'eers!) I sure hope this doesn't result in anyone keying my car here in Hokie country. We also fly our flag at home too......

It sort of gets lost in all the maroon and orange in the neighborhood, but that's okay. Come this fall we'll break out the full fledged WVU flag and fly the blue & gold! That'll show 'em. After all, you can take a girl out of WV, but you can't take the WV out of the girl!!

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