September 21, 2008

Camping x 2

Both boys went camping this weekend. Luckily, Darrin and I got to stay home. How is that possible? Well, Payton was invited to go camping at Smith Mountain Lake State Park with his friend and family. They left Friday right after school and returned around 4:00 p.m. today. From what I hear he had a blast! He says his new sleeping bag we got him kept him "warm and toasty." Here's his top ten favorite things about camping:
  1. Sleeping in a tent
  2. Telling ghost stories
  3. Fishing
  4. Not having to take a bath
  5. Eating smores
  6. Cooking over the fire
  7. Hiking in the woods
  8. Being with his friend
  9. Finding cool rocks

  10. Wading in the lake
He says he wants to go back again soon. Sure home Uncle Jim and Aunt Dawn have a camping trip planned soon so he can tag along. Unfortunately for him, Darrin and I art not camping folks.
Garrett was at the same lake, just on the other side of it. The Roanoke College Children's Choir had their annual Fall Retreat this weekend at the 4-H camp. It was a little shorter.... he had to check in my 9:15 a.m. Saturday and was home today at 1:00 p.m. Darrin and I took him bright and early Saturday morning. We got him all settled in his "cabin" {which was really a nice brick building with electricity, indoor plumbing and everything.} He hung around for a little bit to listen to the choir practice. Darrin hadn't had a chance to hear them before.

Garrett was so excited to spend the night without me or Darrin around. He was in a room with four other boys and an adult male chaperon {a choir member's father}. Last night there was a 70's disco dance too. From what I hear Garrett, and 99% of the other boys, danced to one song and spent the rest of the time plastered to the wall just watching.
Garrett wants to go back too. I could handle his style of camping...... bed, electricity, TV, indoor bathroom with shower... That just may be do-able.
Oh, I almost forgot. The kids could choose some of the albums {as in record albums} that the DJ used at the dance to bring home. Garrett, for no apparent reason, chose Shaun Cassidy's album with Da Doo Ron Ron on it. Garrett had no idea, but I was a huge Shaun Cassidy fan back in the day. I had a light blue, satin SC jacket and a long pink SC night gown. Da Doo Ron Ron was my absolute favorite song too! I can't wait to listen to it...... I just have to locate a record player.

So what did Darrin and I do while the boys were gone? We spent yesterday shopping... we found flea markets, Goodwills and even stopped by the mall. Then we met his brother, Danny, at Red Lobster for their endless shrimp. After eating we went to his place and watched the funniest movie, Baby Mama. I thought it would be totally stupid but it kept us all laughing.

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