September 6, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese & Bowling

To celebrate the boys surviving the dreaded first day of school, we took them to Chuck E. Cheese... which we do every year. Darrin had as much fun as they did. It didn't take the three of them very long to go through 100 tokens!

I told them to act like they liked each other

Ready for some F-U-N!!

He's really my third child

Then, a few days later, we had family fun night and Garrett brought a friend with him. We ate at Applebee's {yummy} and then headed to the bowling alley. The kids bowled two games. Garrett won the first game and then Lindsey won the other. Payton came in a close third both times. He still has a little trouble getting the ball "all the way down there" to the pins.

Garrett & Lindsey sizing up the competition (Payton)

So serious


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