September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Payton!

We celebrated Payton's 8th birthday a little early this year.  His actual birthday is the 19th but we celebrated this past Saturday at our local YMCA.  He he had 18 kids there and they all had a blast.  There was cake, ice cream, gifts and swimming.  He was fortunate enough to have out of town family come too.... Darrin's parents, grandmother and brother as well as my mom, brother and his family.  After the party we had a family cook out at our house.  Darrin served up delicious burgers and hot dogs.  Yummy!! 

He got some really great gifts as well.  We got him a much needed new bike.  Gee & Paw got him a Nintendo DS, so now he can leave his big brother's alone.  Nana, Papa and Uncle Danny got him a new (professional) skateboard.  Uncle Jim and Aunt Dawn got him a really cool game for his new DS.  He hit the jackpot if you ask me! 

It was a fantastic weekend to say the least.  For tons more pictures, go to flickr.

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  1. Looks like fun and sounds like he made a haul!


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