September 18, 2008

In Love Already?

Payton burst through the door today at 2:11, threw down his backpack and announced... "Mom, I may not be able to do much today.  I have a girl on my mind!"  What in the world was he talking about?  A girl on his mind?  At 8 years old??  I, of course, had to find out all the details.  "A girl on your mind?  Who?,"  I said.  "Her name is Tess.  She's in my class.  I told her I loved her on the way to the bathrooms today.  And guess what?  She said she loves me too!!!," he exclaimed with much excitement. 

I thought I was the love of his life.  After all, he's called me his "best girl" since he could talk.  And, he's even said he would marry me if daddy hadn't already.  Who is this Tess girl that's moving in on my Tater Tot?  I have to meet her and lay down a few ground rules.  I'll be kind and gentle, don't worry.  Stay tuned as I'm sure there will new developments in the near future....

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