December 17, 2008

Garrett's Love for Inflatables Continues.........

This one is HUGE and is his favorite.
Since Garrett was about three years old he has been fascinated with blow ups, i.e. inflatables. He loves all kinds. Any holiday, any shape, any size... he does not discriminate. Personally, I detest them. I'm just not an inflatable kind of girl. But, after seeing how happy they make him how I could I say no? One day in the near future, I'll miss them being in my front yard........right?
7' snowman, 8' Santa & pop up snowman in present

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  1. My kids love the inflatables too. I like the peek a boo present one you have. We have a snowglobe, a snowman, and santa on a motorcycle because nothing says Christmas like Santa on a


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