March 15, 2009

My How Things Have Changed

Christmas 1984

There was a time, back in the early to mid 80's, that I spent virtually every weekend at the skating rink.  That was the place to be.  I spent countless hours walking and skating around and around and around with my friends.  Then, the rink put in a one screen theater.... wow!  That was big time for our little neck of the woods.  That was the very theater that I saw one of the best movies ever made, Top Gun.  Seems just like yesterday really.

At this very minute, I'm doing the same thing.  Sort of.  I have no skates on and I've been relished to a booth in the back corner, but I'm here... at the rink again.  This time I'm the mom, not the kid.  How did that happen?  I still love to skate but have nicely been asked not to by my two loving children.   They are afraid I'll embarrass them.  What?!  I'm still cool, aren't I? 

Apparently what passed at cool in 1984 is now equal to dorky.  Either that or the fact that I'm simply a mom is enough to permanently place me in that category.  I guess I can relate.  After all, I would have just died had my mom donned a pair of skates back in the day.  Like totally!

I suppose I'm going to have to pass the torch, whether I want to or not.  It's their turn to experience the fun the rink can provide.  But they can be sure of one thing, I have a good memory.  I know the dangers it hides as well.  I'm going to be lurking in the back, watching closely to keep them out of trouble.  My torch's light is officially extinguished.

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