July 9, 2005

Ahhh, paradise

It's a hot, sunny day here in the south. Having completed all of my household chores yesterday, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some relaxation of the wet variety. Several weeks ago we purchased an above ground pool. Not having the money to buy the "real thing" nor the appropriate yard, this would have to do. One son was napping and the other was at a friends house a few doors down playing. I lathered up with my oil, cautiously layed myself out on the float and began to bask in the warmth of the sun. I gently closed my eyes to enhance the enjoyment. The sounds around me...birds singing, mail truck stopping, and kids playing began to fade. There I was floating aimlessly and enjoying every single second of it. I suppose about 20 minutes had passed by when, much to my surprise, waves of water where coming at me from all directions. What in the world had happened I wondered. Did a tree fall in the pool, did our dog decide to take a dip, what? Nope, my loving sons had discovered my own little slice of momentary paradise and decided to shake things up a bit. They had secretly slipped into their swimming trunks, silently tip-toed to the pool, climbed the ladder ever so slowly, as not to wake me, and.....1...2...3 CANNON BALL!! Of course they found it utterly hilarious. Initially I did not I must admit. However, once I realized how silly I must have looked, it was kind of funny I suppose. Well, never the less, I did steal a few minutes away to "paradise," if only in my mind. Then, I entered the paradise of reality...spending quality time with my boys and just having fun. Thanks guys!

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  1. Aimee Jane6:35 PM

    What a great photo. I am hoping to get to come see you soon. Later, Aimee Jane


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