July 7, 2005

My very first post to my very first blog!

Well, here goes nothin'! After hearing tons of buzz about blogs I had to check them out. What in the world is a "blog" anyway? It didn't take long to answer that question. Have you ever Googled "blog?" Page after page after page is what you get. So, I decided I might as well join the band wagon too. I guess it's a good outlet for letting off some steam or for just putting your thoughts on paper, or the 21st century's form of paper anyway.

Since moving from our home state of WV two years ago life has been different for us (notice our WVU garb in the picture? Go 'eers). Gone are the days of friends and family a stone's throw away. Gone are all the neighborhood kids I had known forever. Gone are our roots really.

Having lived in six different towns/cities in thirteen years of marriage you'd think I'd be used to readjusting, huh? It was so much easier before we started our family though. Once the boys came along our roots dug deep in our beloved WV town. Having to uproot and move on isn't as easy now. I guess being a stay at home mom has made it harder in some ways. My husband has daily contact with the "outside world." I don't really. I love my boys of course, but long for adult conversation. I've thought about just tapping the woman in front of me in the line at Wal-Mart on the shoulder and saying, "Hey, I'm new here, want to be friends?" It's not that I'm an introvert by any stretch of the imagination. I'm willing to talk to anyone. But how, exactly, do you go about developing a friendship(s) in a town of 250,00+ people of whom you know no one? I've tried mommy and me groups, didn't work. No one I could really form a bond with there. The moms in our neighborhood all work. What's the deal with that? Am I a relic? Aren't there any more "Leave it to Beaver" families out there?

Okay, enough rambling for tonight.

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  1. Shane, You have made a lovely start! Kudos! Now of course you couldn't possibly be an introvert and be a "Cook"! Go ahead and tap that person's shoulder next time you're standing in the queue at Wal-Mart. Whoever s/he is, I'm sure they would be blessed to have a new friend such as yourself.
    Keep writing!
    Your cousin on the coast,


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