September 13, 2005

Open House

This week we attended Bubby's school's Open House. I always look forward to this evening. This year they had arranged for all of the children to go to a multi-media room (with adult supervision) and watch a movie. It was so nice to be able to actually hear what the teacher was saying instead of tending to the boys. We learned all about their daily routine and what was expected of them. Now, when Bubby comes home and tells us about someone having to "pull a frog," we'll know that's not a good thing! It's his teacher's discipline method actually. You start the day with five frogs. For the first infraction you "pull a frog." If a student has to pull the fifth and final frog, it's off to the principal's office. Ouch!

There was a nice ice cream social afterwards which was nice. We were able to meet some of Garrett's new friends and say "hi" to a few from last year as well during this time. Their new $11 million dollar school is wonderful by the way. All of the kids are so proud of it as well. We're looking forward to an exciting, fun-filled year of second grade.

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