September 16, 2005

We're off to Gatti Town

This evening we took the boys to Gatti Town. We're usually partial to Chuck E. Cheese's but, since we'd never tried the Town, we thought we'd give it a try. They offer an all you can eat buffet which would have been really nice had the food been better. The dining areas are pretty cool though. You can pick from three huge rooms. One is a normal diner style room. Another is like a theatre but with tables that face a huge screen. Tonight they were showing the Incredibles. The other room has a TV theme. We got to enjoy none other than SpongeBob Square Pants, which is the boys all time favorite, while we ate (the second time). Then, you have to purchase a game "card." They don't use tokens, which is much easier I think. The one major advantage of the Town were the bumper cars. The boys rode them twice at $2.00 a pop, per child. I'm glad we gave it a try and took the mystery out of it. But, it's official (3 to 1) from now on we'll stick with the mouse! For more pics go to flickr.

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