January 26, 2006

It's the Little Things

Bubby and I stopped by the library this evening to return some books. He decided he wanted to look around a bit and check out some new ones. While he was deciding what he wanted in the Juvenile section, I headed toward the magazines. On my way I passed the Reference section which I normally do not even so much as glance at. Tonight, however, I did for some reason. On top of the waist high shelf sat a neatly stacked pile of bright yellow, pocket sized NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) books. I stopped dead in my tracks and gulped to keep from crying. You see, my beloved Papaw was a new and used car dealer for 50+ years and always had the latest edition of the NADA book peeking out of his shirt pocket. He knew those books like the back of his hand. If he needed to find the value of a car or truck he could open the book almost to the exact page that particular make and model was located on. I'd never really thought much about those little books until tonight. It's the little things that get me when I'm least expecting it. Even though it's been eight months and three days since he passed, I still think of him every single day and smile. But, those little things still hit me pretty hard. (you know too, right Jim?)

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