May 18, 2006

Spring Soccer is over :(

Payton's first soccer season officially ended today. His team won 5-1. He scored 3 of the goals! They had a great season, losing only 1 game. After today's game we had a pizza party and the coach handed out trophies. Payton proudly added it to his collection when we got home. We get a few weeks off and then Tee-ball season starts. When school starts back (Aug. 17), he'll start fall soccer. He's such an athlete and just seems to have the knack for any sport he attempts to play. Great job, Tater. Go Golden Lions!

p.s. -- I'm not quite sure what's with the goofy face he's making!


  1. I love the goofy face. You need to display it when he first date comes over.

    I cannot wait to be a soccer mom. I have looked forward to sports ever since I found out I was having the first boy.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your little guy is too adorable! Love this photo.


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