May 19, 2006

Verb Meme

I ran across this at MommyBrain's blog & thought it was unusual.'s my version...

I am: a country girl at heart
I said: "Yes" to my son all day because he was sick
I want: a clean house
I wish: my husband didn't snore

I hate: it when my kids bicker
I miss: my Papaw
I fear: sailing in the ocean
I hear: "Mommy or Mama" at least 100 time every day
I wonder: what our boys will be when they grow up
I regret: not keeping in touch with friends
I dance: only in the car (while my boys laugh at me)
I sing: almost every song I hear
I cry: when I watch a sappy movie
I am not always: on time
I made: fried squash & corn bread for supper (told ya I was a country girl!)
I write: poetry
I confuse: my kids (I mix their names up a lot)
I need: to get out of bed earlier
I should: be asleep right now (it's after midnight)
I start: planning for everything way in advance
I finish: what I start, eventually
I believe: my husband was meant for me
I know: I'll see my Papaw again
I can: make my boys laugh
I can't: sleep well without our two Yorkies on our bed
I see: my dog laying on his back, sound asleep
I blog: as often as I can
I read: the newspaper every morning at breakfast
I find: empty candy wrappers everywhere
I like: living in the south
I love: snuggling with the boys on the couch before bed time

Okay, now it's your turn! Let me know if you play along.


  1. I confuse my kids' names all the time, too! "Na-No-Jon-Josiah!" lol

  2. :) I love that last one. I used to love snuggling with my little girls before bed time.


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