July 28, 2006

My very own office!

Yeah!! It's finally a reality. I have my very own in-home office. For the past 15 years my "office" has consisted of a small desk where ever we could find a place to stick it. Most recently that has been in the bonus room with the boy's toys, etc. Not very conducive to bill paying really. Now, I must say, I'm inspired. I'm ready to conduct business and run our home from command central. I have a new desk and lateral file with tons of room. I have a reading corner with a nice wicker rocker (stolen from our screened in porch). I also have plenty of room for books and related material (thanks to my mother-in-law). My hubby was even kind enough to install a new hardwood floor and ceiling fan. This room was previously our dining room. A room that was only used once a year if that. (we just prefer to use our kitchen table) Now it will be used on a daily basis. Surely you can see me smiling....I'm just that happy! :)

My two dogs have a hide out under the desk too. See the bean bag? They love it! (click here to see "before" picture #1)

My reading corner. The floor plant is from my Papaw's funeral 1 1/2 years ago. (click here to see before picture #2)

Bookcases my mother-in-law gave us (that's Bo in the corner of the picture)

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